5 Reasons Why you Should Use Kettlebells

5 Reasons Why you Should Use Kettlebells

Kettlebell sets are one of the least understood pieces of exercise equipment at the gym. You may have seen people doing a workout but never really understood the benefits. Those who know how to use these are getting an unfair edge in the fitness game.

We are here to dispel the rumors and examine why you should add a kettlebell to your routine to diversify your workout.

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why you should train with a kettlebell.


#1 Balance and Stability


With kettlebells, you don’t just train the visible muscle groups, but also the deep hidden pelvic muscles. You know, the ones that keep us upright, stabilize the basic body position and give us a superb range of motion.

Without these muscle groups working together in harmony, our balance for more intense/advanced exercise such as running and jumping can be thrown off.

Many physical therapy facilities promote the use of kettlebell exercises to improve balance and stability. But you can incorporate these exercises to avoid the risk of injury.

Classic kettlebell exercises such as the “Push Press” or “Kettlebell Snatches” can take your balance to a whole other level.

The famous “Turkish Get Up” is another great full body movement that keeps your whole body in sync. The only difference is that this is a side-dominate movement.

If you have had an injury, we recommend consulting a professional to know which weight to start at and which exercises to start with.

Typically, they will advise you to start learning the movement on your dominant side and then building your weaker side into the routine. It is also advised that you keep the reps and sets low at the start. 

#2 Comfortable and Portable


Nothing is worse than injuring your wrist or forearm because your grip and handling were off. Perhaps worse of all is that you end up losing valuable time during recovery.

Unlike dumbbells, kettlebells have unique handles which will allow you to get a firm grip and comfortably lift the weight. Your wrist, hands, forearms, and any other area involved will be thanking you for it.

Kettlebell sets are extremely portable due to their shape and handle. You hardly need space in the trunk to store them, so you always have your little gym with you.

These things are also very durable because they are almost always made of pure cast-iron metal.


#3 Good for Both High and Low-Intensity Training


Kettlebell training allows you to do both slower controlled exercises and explosive exercises. This means you can be the rabbit and the hare at the same time- And your heart will love you for it.

Here is a quick chart for the different categories:

Slow & Controlled Higher-Intensity
Squat Swing
Press Snatch
Turkish Getups Clean [press]


Training with slower movements, as we mentioned before, can not only help you increase your balance but stability.

On the explosive side, most people don’t realize that a Kettlebell set can help give you shorter, more effective, training by tackling a variety of muscle groups than your classic curls and weighted squats.

Men especially, do not care too much for this type of training, but it just as much for us as it is for women. In fact, athletes train with these for a variety of different sports.

#4 Strong Gluts and Back


Most women and men can agree that a perfect butt is something worth working toward. We don’t want our glutes to look like whale blubber, but at the same time, we don’t want them to be as flat as a watered-down pancake.

Using the kettlebell set can help you achieve the perfect butt faster and safer than most other alternatives.

For example, the “Turkish Get up,” when used with a kettlebell in proper form, will target your hips, back muscles, and glutes all in one. The “Swing” exercise activates and strengthens your glutes and as well as your back.

All of these exercises are challenging and fun. “Kettlebellers,” have a load of fun. You get good gains, but at the end the day you are all drenched in sweat.

Believe us; it’s well worth it when you notice your butt getting more and more defined. Soon it will be time to get a new pair of pant/jeans custom fitted to your new you.


#5 Efficient Training is Possible within 10 minutes


Everybody’s got 10 minutes a day. Heck, some people spend 10 to find the perfect Netflix show on TV.

If you have not experienced it yourself, you may be skeptical, but within 10 minutes you can push yourself to the limit with kettlebell training.

We’ve already mentioned various exercises you can use to pick and choose from. Through the accurate execution of high-intensity interval training, you can burn fat faster and build muscle more easily than most other workout routines.


Final Thoughts


What are you waiting for? Start training with kettlebells today.

If you don’t have a kettlebell set and want to see which one is right for you, Click Here

Without further Ado, go out there and get your gains! Remember: Make time, Not Excuses.

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